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2021 - A Year Pregnant with Hope

January 1st - It's finally here the beginning of a new year.  2020 seemed it was to be such a monumentous year.  The beginning of a new decade - the implied clarity with things being 2020 as able to see it all in well view, but that isn't what

came about before the winter of 2020 was over world wide those large and small,

rich and poor,  lazy and ambitious were met with the most unexpected of years.  But this is not meant to be a time of reflection of the past but more like a collection of the present looking towards the future with perhaps a select shred or two from the past. Today the RoseParade was cancelled and yet not there was a TV special. Arcadia High ( My Alma Mater) wasn't able to follow Henry J. Kaiser High School( where I teach) as the band of the year to start off a Rose Parade but I did get to see Pasadena City College another alma mater and they did have a from home band in the Rose Parade Special - it was nice seeing Pasadena, the city of my birth.  I picked up one of my journals  that I started a couple of years ago and checked out "the Unexpected Gypsy" (check out her You tube Channel above )to inspire me for my new 2021 Journal angels- quotes - where I would like to travel to and plenty of hope got me started with this year today.

My favorite quote of the day, "Passion is the difference between good & great." I agree and hope that all my friends and family will let their passion lead them into 2021 this year.  Thank you God for what you have given.  Thank you God for what you have taken Thank you God for what you have left

and Thank you God for what is yet to come!!!


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