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2021 Posts

January 1, 2021

It's finally here the beginning of 2021 brings with it many promises of hope and of a life without the Donald Trump Administration and Co-Vid.  The hope of vaccinations - the hope of the end of a lot of things that we have yet to overcome.  

Today the RoseParade that takes place in the city of my birth - Pasadena - was cancelled for the first time in my life time - a TV special was created and there were

performances and history it was suppose to be the year when my Alma Mater , Arcadia High HS had their band open the parade - the year after Henry J. Kaiser HS 

( the school I have taught at since 2004) performed and opened the parade last year. But it wasn't meant to be as so many things that came and went in 2020.  This time last year there was so much anticipation for the year to come no one dreamed of the 

nightmare Pandemic that was to change all our lives.  Once again we come to this date fresh with new hope - I think only of this little prayer:

Thank you God for what you have given

Thank you God for what you have taken

Thank you God for what you have left 

and Thank you God

for what is yet to come !

To 2021

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