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What I learned about ...
getting an MFA

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This is my about page to the left you will see a photo of a young bright eyed woman and this is how I felt about myself when I started to explore getting my MFA. There were some important things I didn't realize about  myself.   I am not a woman of color.  I am not 25 -35 years old.   I don't like competition.  I am easily intimidated and frightened and I entered thinking if I put everything on the line that like some Hollywood movie the pain the suffering and the guts to say I can when I didn't know how would pay off.  

I am not saying it didn't , but I haven't seen it yet , and I might have felt energetic, bright, relevant and woke but who people saw when I got to grad school , who I discovered I was and who people showed me they thought I was were very different.

Let me  clairify that I knew I was a white one 57 year old overweight woman with bad knees and freckles and not a great track record of fitting in; but I thought these were my peeps that they were misfits too who loved art and talking about nerding out about art and that we would connect on our 1 true love and after nearly 30 years of waiting to get my MFA the time and other variables wouldn't matter.    Hmmm.  Now 3 1/2

years later I think I was wrong.  Below I am going to tell my story as I remember it you tell me what you think.


My Story

Well I have already started with some of the facts.  I was 57 in 2018.  I had attempted an MFA at Otis College of Art and Design in 1994 and they sold me instead on a one year special program where I spent 10K. to not continue to pursue my MFA and then went on to have another child, get an art teaching credential  and teach

 art in a public school for 15 years before I decided to give it another try.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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