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It's beginning to look a lot like Kissmas

As a teacher there are 2 times a year that take on special meaning. Christmas and Summer Vacation. These are the times in the year where the words freedom (or free time) and relax take on a sense of reality that during other times in the year we aren't able to access as readily. I am not saying that it is only during these times that we have free time and relaxation but the hectic deadlines that we live with and also enforce are

at least temporarily missing.

Kissmas is a time when the stress in your life decreases so much so that you feel like going around and kissing everyone and thing. I mean not just your pets, the mail person who shows up with packages but actual family members. These are the times when you can reflect on your practice, actually miss your job and students and engage in netflix watching without a huge stack of grading and the weight of guilt hovering about. Merry Kissmas to all and to all a good night, and to a relaxing holiday that allows you to last January- May without at regret. Happy 2019.

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