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Convid - 19 - Don’t feel guilty for being glad.

For all us introverts who are in hog heaven I just want to say it’s ok to feel a little bit guilty your not alone. So I live in the Inland Valley or Inland Empire as we like to call ourselves. If you have no idea where that is it’s about 60 miles East of LosAngeles. I was born in Pasadena, CA (12 miles East of DT LA) and I wasn’t in my mid-20’s until one day I was looking at this PBS station and they mentioned that it was out of the Inland Empire where was that - there is an Empire here in California OMG can I live there. Then I realized they were just talking about San Bernardino County and that that place wasn’t that cool we had the best of everything in LA County. Years later circumstances had me move to the Inland Empire and I didn’t realize how much I really liked it here. It wasn’t as competitive; much more laid back; the lines were shorter; traffic not as bad; more open spaces; lower real estate prices. -That was until people found out about the Inland Empire and started moving here so they could buy cheap.

I have to say I am grateful for many of the things in the Inland Empire but when I returned to school for my MFA I realized I had to take on the track to LosAngeles once more. Making the drive 2 to 3 times a week I learned how much I had missed LA and how I really missed looking at art in the BIG city. One of the big things I loved was seeing art up close and personal and driving by all the landmarks of my childhood.

So why am I saying it’s ok to feel guilty - why am I feeling guilty. Because while some people are dying at not being able to go places and meet up with friends as an introvert I am loving it. I actually make myself get out and walk every day but sometimes I can be desperately awkward. My theater background and love of comedy often causes me to make stupid jokes that I don’t deliver with confidence that help them sail well and I often just feel awful. My inner Diva can soar with her girls but often ranks terribly when faced with her drowning self esteem. So spending my days with family, books, videos, art supplies and virtual museums is my dream come true. Of coarse I wouldn’t wish this on anyone who would rather be at a ball and I miss going out to my movies, galleries, museums and restaurants like all fellow cinephiles, artaholic, and foodies, I am enjoying being home. I wish all of you safety and joy and great reading or art making until we meet again. Love.......

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