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Updated: Jun 16, 2018

I have always written journals and when I say always I just mean since the 2nd grade.

I remember my very first diary my Mom's twin sister Margie gave me this little book with

about enough room for 2 sentences in each entry and it had an entire week of entries on each 2 pages. It was printed in red ink on white paper, had good edges, and the outside was blue jeans, with a little fake pocket on the front. Sometimes I would hide

the key in the pocket cause it was the only think the pocket would hold, but most of my days entries were pretty much the same stuff. I went to school today , got in a fight with my brother he makes me made. I went over to Sandi's house, we played barbies. I think I threw all my oldest diaries away I am not sure.

In 1995 I was studying art at Otis College of art and Design.

I had a work study job in the library and thought to myself wouldn't it be cool to write a book that was in the library.

Then one day I was journalling and got this idea I thought it was a clever Odeas

putting putting my journals now a day into the linsey. That wasn'tt a great idea but more about that later ion

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