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Going back to school / reading for retirement?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

I did not walk gently into this good school without a lot of forethought. What is the point ? Is it too late? How will you pay off all those student loans? Is it worth it?

There are lots of things that I had to think over in making this decision and it came down to what were the benefits of playing it safe and what were the benefits of going for it?

3/4 of the way to go in this program I am so excited that I made the decision I did.

This painting was the start of me deciding to go back to school.

I haven't finished it yet but this along with my 2 favorite podcasts:

  • The History ChicKs

  • The Art History Babes

  • Made me see what I was missing and feeling and that I needed to do to move forward and this was it. Putting it all on the line was something that my grief, sorrow and despair had taken from me and now was the time.


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